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Posted: 10/30/07 04:52 PM
Author: countryfan81
Location: USA
Posts: 2


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Looking for a song -- hardly know any details!
This is going to sound crazy, but I'm looking for a song that I hardly know any of the details of. I heard the end of it on the radio and the announcer never said what the song was. Here's what I remember of it:

This was a very slow song -- almost sounded like Hank Williams Jr??? (low, slow voice). A lot of the song was spoken, kind of like Chris Ladoux's 'This Cowboy's Hat'. I think in the song, he was drinking and thinking to himself. At one point, he looks at himself in the mirror -- at the end, he said some sort of phrase like 'damn you' -- basically he sounds deprived, lonely, and sad.

Boy, any help anyone has on this one would be very appreciated!!

Aaron From OHWC
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