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Posted: 03/19/10 09:02 PM
Author: hishighness
Location: Halifax, NS
Posts: 1


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Country Boy?
Hey all.

when I was a young man my parents had this oldies tape they
used to play and there was a really good song which I can't find now.
I remember a lot of lyrics so you'd think it wouldn't be hard to find

Anyway here's how it goes. (of what I remember)

I decided I was gonna be a star,

I went to see a man and I sang him a song he said son you'd better go home.

Cause it's a long hard road and a long road something something and you'll never lead a life of your own.

I didn't take his advice I went out on the road, was a smash wherever I played.

The money tree took root and it began to grow and it grew with every dollar that I made.

I got a big big car and a mansion on the hill about everything that money can buy.

But there's somethin inside, and it's naggin at me still and it will until the day that I die.

i miss cornbread and beans and collard greens and a sleepin at the foot of the bed. rot line catfish and squirrel hunting scenes keep a runnin through this country boy's head

I wanna be up in the mornin and walk behind a mule,
a simple life is what I wanna lead.

Oh this corn plantin cotton pickin country boy wishes he was back
where he used to be.

If anyone can help please do, it's been driving me crazy for years now.

thanks for your time.

Aaron From OHWC
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